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                                                            A heroic fantasy and color
   Dofus will be a distinctive combination of 20 designs MMORPG, produced by Ankara studio. The dofus also have dofus kamas.It is only a role playing game, but also interactive cartons, aimed at gamers and casual gamers. Game is full of creative images to make the journey full of adventure humor and will be role playing, colorful images and resourcefulness strained organic combination of the fighting. Players can form alliances or go alone against other adventure and monsters. The kamas of dofus is very compact flash web RPG games, flash platform should be the pinnacle of online games for it. If you played world of war craft, this game is equivalent to the flash version of world of war craft. At present, the game quite a number of online gamers was said to reach 600, 00 people.
   Dofus in the US has a lot of housing available for purchase. There also have a cheap kamas.From the smallest size tiny to the 5 story huge, in addition to a large villa on the peninsula at eh dragon. The house has the merit of the internal storage boxes can keep items, materials and gold, huge housing units with some production tools can purchase additional door to the housing password. You can enter the house or open the box. As previous described, the people know the password can enter the room to erase money out of the box, so, as long as a suitable location in the house purchase, inventory stored in its own house on the titles are not afraid..
   The reason is very simple principles of titles is closed you permission to enter the game ,rather than cut number, so its closure of the house or in ,as long as you separate trumpet, according to check money and goods according to Helena, you can greatly reduce the loss caused by closures. In the game, dofus gold is indispensable. First, virtual transactions titles are need to say, mostly abroad game virtual transactions are prohibited, as long as the technology sector has been found has a virtual trading account, is bound to lead to titles. Second, buy dofus kamas should flow one thing, for normal games, it is recommended everyone would rather spend some money, buy a regular fixed van, do not plan at the cheapest. You should know that transactions, as far as possible not to use plug in ,do not use the black card, otherwise dofus will wow the same letters to the US could not make.