All of for the love affair

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All of for the love affair

Long before that I heard one popular song, about love, I think this song was excellent. Maybe the song expounds: there are two people in the story and the man loved the woman much deeper than the woman's love. That one day the woman may want to go, but the man did not want her to go, and left him alone. But at the last, the woman still chose to leave but when she turned back she cried, in her heart that she loves him much deeply, but why she still chose to go, at first I did not know, so I listened to the music again.

At that time I played games, and the music was the game's background music, the first time I listened to it that I found that it was so sad, and I did not listen carefully, and I played games with my partners and we won dofus kamas. But for I was listening all the time when we played games, so I knew it and found it was one good song, especially the music. So everytime when I played games I always chose this one as my game world backgrounds music. Everytime when I heard this song that I felt that I was full of strength, and I found that the enemies were not so awful, so I could earn dofus gold from other players easily.

And now I knew what the song showed us was the mournful love story. And said the beautiful and kindhearted woman, for her incurable illness. And she did not want the man to know for she did not want he to be sad. How great the love is. When I meant the song that I moved by the two people. This was not like the real life, in the real life that the lovers are not sincere.

Maybe for the music that I loved this game and decided to buy dofus kamas and continued my game life. And I wanted to play the higher quality games and the more popular songs. I think that in my whole life I will play games and listen music, that I find if I listen to music that I can play games more powerful and also can have cheap kamas. In real life I also have my lover, and I find he is very kind and is a good boy, he loves and takes care of me. Sometimes he also helps in the game world and tells me that who was became more higher than me in the levels, and who had won and earned the kamas.