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                                                        An extreme DOFUS experience
   dofus kamas is common in hands of every game players. The teams of Ankama have been working on the development of the Heroic Server these past months to perfect the mechanisms of game and to offer players a stable in game system of reconnection for a better gaming experience.
   In order to make the experience even more exciting, the Heroic Server also bring in new game rules. The main change is the introduction of permanent death for all characters. A new rule which is launched for the first time in online role plays game history. This server is unique and will enable players from all over the world to play in the world of Dofus Kamas.
   Whether players are taking on a monster or other dofus kamas players, they just cannot lose. In case of death, the opponent can take the item of victim. Besides, each character will have the privilege of resting in peace in the Cemetery of heroes and it is a worldwide ranking, updated every twenty four hours and can be consulted on a dedicated web space with cheap kamas.
   The game rules have been adapted to this exclusive server. On the Heroic Server, skills level up a lot quicker which means more experience at the end of a fight or when a quest is completed. Profession experience is also gained a lot more quickly for more dofus gold. In general, leveling up is much faster. However, dofus kamas players will have to be extremely careful in their tactics since their character of life is at stake at each blow. They will have to reinforce their guild strategy and communication if they want to survive.