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                                                          Characters Classes in Dofus
   Dofus kama or dofus gold do you know? It can use in dofous and there are 12 character classes in Dofus. Each class has a unique set of spells that other classes can not obtain (although some spells are shared with creatures living in Dofus).
   Ecaflip's Coin
   Ecaflips have a cat like appearance and are the gambler class with their main theme being chance or luck. They have attacks and bluffs that can be either beneficial or harmful and are seen as the versatile attacker. Weapon speciality: swords.
   Osamodas's Whip
   Osamodas are the summoner classes and have a human appearance with horns and a tail. They are able to summon various AI monsters to fight along side them, however the AI of these monsters deter from selecting this class. They also share many cleric type spells making them a secondary healer. Due to their many summons, they are balanced supporters with a weapon speciality in hammers.
   Cra's Range
   Cras are the elf like archer class in Dofus making them a specialist long ranged attacker. Many of their spells are linked to the bow and range. Unsurprisingly, they are the only class with a weapon speciality in bows.
   Xelor's Sandglass
   Xelors are the specialist denial and crowd control class with their spells focused upon restricting the moves of opponents. However they do have a number of ranged attacks and are therefore seen as the evasive ranged attacker. They have a mummy like appearance and a weapon speciality in hammers.
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