Class Spell Changes

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I miss the old 1.26 versions of Class Spells.

I don't know how much they changed in all of them, but back then i was F2P and anything other than Felintion, Brokle and Spiritual Leash was largely unavailable.
..but I'm certain those others were changed along with these..

Brokle was DEFINATELY brought down a peg, perhaps because of the power difference it created..
 but THAT is EXACTLY what's supposed to seperate Iops from the other Classes, their sheer hitting force.

Without that POWER, Iops are just another Class.

In regards to Felintion, if the change was due to CASTING TIME, why can't they just freeze the clock while a player casts? It's not like Dofus is truly an Active-Time game... it's TURN-BASED, time for castings have LITTLE to NO bearing.
 ...and Felintion looked so damn COOL! I KNOW that's a bit unimportant in the long-haul, but it made it enjoyable to use, and it left people in AWE when they saw it.. it was b-e-a-U-tiful (so was Brokle, by the way). Now, I almost HESITATE to use such an awesome spell...
...And i KNOW there are more people pissed off by these changes, I've asked them.

..but what we LACK is not the people, it's a VOICE.
And from what I've seen, there's been a fair bit of chatter for 1.27 on the WHOLE..

...but i haven't seen anything for the SPELLS.

I'm hoping to change that (in my own small way) through this posting. 

If you have something to say, please.. VOICE IT!
I love critisism. 
But, please...

CONSTRUCTIVE critisism, thank you.