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                                                      Different strategies on fighting
   dofus kamas is bought by all game players. As we know the osamoda dopple is one of the hardest dopple to fight.
Osamodas Simply get whip to level 5 without any cheap kamas, when you get into battle summons you creatures first then when he gets prespic start whipping and go back to summoning then surround it to where dopple can not summon at all.
   Sadidas All it takes it to never use manifold bramble at the point it will kill the creatures but instead summon all your dolls for distraction after the prespic is dead then just go for the dopple if you get hit by gobball then you can try manifold bramble as long as none of the creatures are targeted.
   Sacriers Mostly agility sacriers are able to do so, all you have to do is ignore all creatures and keep going for dopples but first things first get summoning of arachnee or chaferfu, use those to try surrounding dopple where it can not ignore all summon and kill prespic till it gets to point it will not summon prespic. Of course, you can not get dofus gold in this game.
   Lops For intelligence lops they do not need much help. Strength lops just jump to dopple if it does not summon prespic and KO it if it does summon prespic kill and ignore the rest. Agility lops have no problem since they can do what sacriers will do.
   Eniripsa Level up repeling spells, healing of course and ap boost. Try getting a summon to use before fighting it so then later after you kill prespic surround it by using pushback spells or so.