Dofus : A Beginner's Guide

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As a new player to Dofus, Incarnam is your game tutorial. You will learn hows, whys and wheres along with strategy, professions, making in game friends and many more items of interest and importance to your gaming experience.

Having never played an MMORPG before, I was completely lost and very happy to have Boone tell me how to play. Boone is your little kitty that offers you tips as you play. These tips will explain your play windows, how to chat, where your inventory is located and how to use your map. Boone has many tips that you will find very helpful, however you can turn the tips off in your options menu.


Not only do you have Boone to help you get through your first few hours... in some cases days, but there are more than 20 Incarnam quests; all of which act as game guides. To start these quests, speak to any of the non-player characters (NPC) with green exclamation marks over their head. Read what they have to say, choose to accept the quest, and follow the directions.

If you are lost and not sure where to go or can't remember what the instructions were, click on the book in the bottom right of your screen. This book is your quest book and keeps track of all current and completed quests. Once you have selected your quest screen you will see a list of active quests, click on the quest to open a second screen. This new screen will give you the details of the quest, shaded details indicate completed steps while bold details still need to be completed.

Now the instructions may have directed you to go and talk to someone. You may ask , 'how the heck do I find them?' Once you quest indicates that you need to find someone, a flag will automatically appear on your map directing you where to go. However, if you start another quest your flag will disappear.

There are two ways to find the person you need to speak with. The first way is to walk all over Incarnam looking. This is not the fastest way but it is a great way to explore and get to know the area. You might even stumble upon more quests. The fastest way is to look at your quest screen and click on the compass beside the name of who you are looking for. A flag will then mark on your map the location of the person, making it nice and easy to find them.

The quests you will encounter in Incarnam are set up to teach you components of the game, whether it is to understand your basic combat spells, thresh the wheat, start a profession, get down to work, whatever. These quests will walk you through the basic steps which are the building blocks to understanding future game play. Now quests will not only teach you game information, but they also have rewards such as experience points (XP), Kama and your first equipment set.

There are 27 quests for Incarnam. With these quests you can potentially gain 2600 XP just on the quests. Since many of the, require you to fight more than one monster you are gaining the fight XP as well as the quest XP. The potential Kama from finishing the quests is about 1250. Remember though that fighting monsters will also give you Kama and once you learn your first profession you will also increase your Kama flow. And with your first equipment set being quest rewards you can start banking your Kama to invest in future equipment. Not bad for a first day out on your own.


So you have started a few quests but are getting annoyed at all the running around, how can you do it faster? Well there are the 3069s for transportation. To use a 3069, you need to have a few saved. As you wander Incarnam you will come across four 3069s. You have two options at each 3069, save or use. Saving will save that 3069 as your location for re-spawning when you die or you can use a recall potion to return to. Use, will allow you to travel to another 3069 on your list or to add an unknown 3069 to your list. Once a 3069 is on your list you can travel around maps much much faster for a nominal fee.

When you look at your map, on the East side there is a hot air balloon. This form of transportation will transport you to Astrub. You can pop into Incarnam to do some shopping or to sell your harvests or to start your first weapon quest.

However once your errands are done, how does your character get back to Incarnam...after all, the big city is still a little scary. All you need to do is find any class statue and click on it and you will find yourself located back in Incarnam. If you have saved at a 3069 you will return to it, if you haven't you will return to your class start area.


It is very important to note: To return to Incarnam from Astrub you must be Level 15 or lower. If you are a higher level and want to stay in Incarnam longer be sure to save at an Incarnam 3069 and not use the balloon transport. If you die in Incarnam and have not saved at an Incarnam 3069 for re-spawn, you will re-spawn in Astrub at your class statue and will be unable to return to Incarnam.

There are a few other restrictions in Incarnam. You cannot aggress other players. You can challenge them to a dual but you can't push and shove forcing them to fight you. One way players get around this is to jump into your player versus monster (PVM) fight then attack you instead of the monster. Now this is highly annoying to the person getting attacked and the end result is the same for both parties. The fight ends you both get XP and drops, just one of you feels big and powerful and the other is rather annoyed. If you want to player versus player then move on the Astrub there will be plenty of players to fight.

Another restriction is that a guild cannot place a Perc (Perceptor) to collect materials or XP. Not a big deal for guilds there are plenty of places in the world of twelve to place percs that will garner great amounts of material.

Love that they have removed the restriction of setting up in merchant mode. What better way for characters to get to know the shopping system, purchase better gear and stay in Incarnam longer. The world of twelve can seem very big and scary then you are starting out.

But remember eventually you will need to move on. The XP won't be enough to level you very fast and you will want to seek bigger better challenges. Never mind that your career choice will need more resources and buyers then you can supply in Incarnam.

Happy Training