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Hello guys. I've so far created 3 episodes of Dofus Beginner's Guide. (can be found on YouTube) these guides I write myself, and have created a list of planned episodes, however they all depend on me finding new voice actors, since that's part of the fun for those

While making those, I got a lot of requests for making an extended guide, for more experienced players, so I've decided to branch out, and continue the Beginner's Guide with guest voices, but also 2 new Guides: Extended and Advanced!

Advanced is being planned elsewhere, but I'd like the community's feedback on what a lvl 20-100 character might need help with. Many have asked for a Kamas-guide, and I'll probably start the Extended Guide with this. However I'd also like to hear what you think these episodes should contain, since this is to help YOU and not me! Keep in mind that there's a Guide being made for 100+ players as well, so don't ask for Kralove Hunt info and such

Some of my ideas for Extended Guide is:

Kamas - How to earn them.
PvP - How and why.
Mageing - Max or overmage your equips (since new system is being worked on, this will at least be saved for later)
Experience - Where should I level?
Guilds - Get it running.