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                                                             Dofus guide for different players
   dofus kamas is a role playing game in which players create characters that serve as their avatar in the online world. When a character dies, they lose a specific amount of money and energy that is able to be regained while sitting in a tavern before logging off, or by using certain objects. If all of your energy is exhausted, you will take the form of a ghost which will be used to very slowly reach a statue of a phoenix, where it will be able to resurrect your character and regain a part of its vital energy.
   A character maximum energy is 10,000, but this can rose upon reaching certain orders within an alignment. There is a possibility that a priest will return the fallen players to the human form with a portion of their energy, usually in exchange for some cheap kamas.
   A system of alignment makes it possible to take part in a war between the cities bonta and that of barker, in the form of a player versus player mode. Since the 1.13 update, points can be gained from these fights, and hence a PVP scene developed. A new update in the game makes it possible to breed dofus gold. This makes it possible to go twice as fast compared to running. As such, there are breeding enclosures available to players to breed their mounts.
   There are twelve different classes. The choice of class determines which spells your character will receive, as well as how much characteristic upgrades will cost, but is will not lose your kamas, the class name are inside jokes amongst the developers, often referring in some way to the abilities of the class.