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                                                                Eniripsa Spell Points
   Dofus kamas can use in the game. It can use in many ways. Do you have trouble in what to invest spell points for an eniripsa in Dofus? If you had trouble in that, just read the following.
   Frightening Word's difference between 3 and 5 is only range, and often that extra range is not needed (as the example you stated was to push back in order to use a wand, you would not need that extra range,) thus the poster may find more important things to level early on, obviously level 6 frightening is a must.
   Leek Pie 3 is always a must, I have never seen a successful ENI without it, you will not be using crazy early on and forever, and Leek has much better range, an undeniable benefit. Also level 1 is limited to 1 cast per turn, which can be quite restrictive.
   Word of Youth is not only the cast able on your. I am frequently in situations where allies request to be not bewitched; I did not say an ENI should constantly use it or can’t use it to bewitch things like sacrifice. It is intended for negative buffs. I assumed the original poster would have the common sense to use it in appropriate situations.
   Friendship Word is amazing for soloing early on, but seeing as the posted prefers grouping they might not find it as useful.
   I stated Para and Draining were more PVP oriented I don't see why you'd restate what I said. Support ENIS may like to PVP as well.
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