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                                                         Feca spells and special spells
   dofus kamas has some info in there. If you have some interest, read it now, and the level you should aim to boost them to. About the shield of the fecal, I am not entirely decided. The level 4 may actually suffice with the shields introduced and the ability to gain resists from equips. We shall see. Also note, the effectiveness of this spell is greatly reduced after the developers the way.
   It gives you elemental resistance, and these take effect after damage reduction by your armor spells in kamas. So say you get hit for 100 through your amour after reducing damage by 40. This spell, at level 4, would reduce the damage by 30, leaving you hit for 70. Before it went through your armors, meaning the damage would have been 140 reduced by 30, your amour would have reduced damage by 40.
   The special spells in the cheap kamas are there. A useful spell in the game, but for us it is not worth investing points into. The damage at level 1 is ample for what it is needed for. As a small area effect attack for when you get surrounded. This is essential when you get high leveled, especially if you have chosen to align to Banta or Brahmas. It increases the power of close combat weapons immensely; choose the weapon skill to match the type of close combat weapon you want to use.
    There are usually only enough spare points to level up a weapon skill for one type of weapon by dofus gold. After that, do what you want with your spell points. As soon as possible, I will give you an update on what weapon I choose and how well if performs. Then it may be an extra guide. Here are some spells in the game which are my experience. I think these can give you wisdom advice.