Ganging Botians

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I'm sure the title itself says alot about what I'm disputing.

Before you go "Oh my god, It's not only bonts who gang! braks gang too!". Let me tell you this - I've been both a bont and a brak, a rank 7 bont too, and I have hardly ever seen a brak gang, even if he or she was in a group, they still wouldn't gang. But recently turning brak made me realize something, bontarians are a cowardly sad bunch of gangers. I made it from rank 1 to 7 in a few days (Not saying that's fast or anything, just to show the amplitude of how much I've been playing.) and every 2/5 fight, I would get ganged by 2 or more bontarians, which leads me on a feud to post nasty things on the recruitment channel. Well, I'm fed up. Some kind of system should be created to prevent ganging when a person's given a target.

This is why I propose a system, where a person who's getting aggroed by a target cannot have any other players join on their team.

I shall now address the few disputes that I probably will get with this notion.

"Oh! But they're just hunting! Guild members should protect guild members"
- I agree on the fact that IF and only IF the aggro-er is a person who aggros just for fun, and does not have the aggro-ee as a target. Sure, go ahead and protect him. But if you're hunting, and you aggroed, then it's your own bloody fault. Turn your wings down if you don't want people to come aggro you. Don't use your higher level friends as your bloody defense.

"Social Ethics"
- "It's not ethical to attack someone while their busy" I hear you say. But isn't protecting someone that shouldn't have been protected - causing the opposite party harm and frustration equally as unethical. Once again, you turned up your wings, you condoned to people attacking you. How ethical are you to be meat shielding yourself.

"Stop whining"
- Prove my logic wrong, and you can say that. But you probably can't. Plus if you're going to say it, just don't read this or reply.