Ganging in PvP

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Ok everyone think about it..
Why is ganging aloud?, i for a fact 75% of users on this game, hate being ganged and think its just a pussy way out of a fight. WHY do they even get that chance to get help? They have there wings up so they should stand there ground and fight.

Its kinder pathetic. Especially if they have there wings up and there training in a group, and the group gangs you and they will say "Why?? You aroging me im training of course your going to get ganged" How about this why are your wings even up, if your training how unfair is that on me ...

Well whoever disagrees that ganging should be aloud, then your that 25% of nubs who can't play the game right.
(wait a minute there’s more then 25% of gangers in the game )

How to clear this up??

1 ) Just like when someone agros a neutral person, a guard comes up to even out the fight.
2 ) Auto lock on fights when you agro someone.

Also being able to agro the same person, if you agro someone more then twice you should start to get disgrace, i know you would say but your wings down but people need them up to complete full sets like terrdala, feudala etc.

(And Group fighting, you wouldn't really need your shields so you SHOULD put your wings down)