Goultarminator: Form orderly queues!


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The 370 players who will have the honor of fighting for their server in the Goultarminator contest have been selected!

The 12 selected on each server now have 4 days to split up into four teams of 3 characters.

The rules of the Goultarminator event are also available!

Should the 12 players not manage to establish teams in this way, Ankama will select the teams by a random draw.

Tip: Points will be calculated not only by team, but also by server - so for the good of your fellow players, you should find the most balanced team combination rather than rely on one powerful team!

Attention! All participants must have the equipment they wish to use for the tournament before the weekly maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday 28 July 2009. This is the character backup that will be used for the opening of the dedicated tournament server. Only their equipment and inventory will be transferred.