Goultarminator: Get your boots on!


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The 116 teams participating in Goultarminator have been formed!

Goultard, meanwhile, has already opened the doorway to his personal server! Participants in the tournament can go ahead and start exploring it!

Meet back here on Monday for the opening of the tournament!

See the list of teams.

Monday Fights:

Djaul A vs Jiva A
Rushu A vs Raval A

Jiva B Vs Rushu C
Brumaire C Vs pouchecot A

Hecate D Vs Maimane C
Rosal C Vs Silvosse B

Brumaire D Vs Domen A
Hyrkul A Vs Alma C

Amayiro C Vs Alma A
Shika B Vs hels B

Helséphine C Vs Allister C
Alma D Vs Nehra D

Goultard B Vs Nehra A
Aguabrial A Vs Shika D

Vil Smisse Vs Dark vlad
Spiritia A Vs Ereziah B