Goultarminator: Qualifiers!


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The date has been set for Goultarminator!

On 3 August 2009, DOFUS' first ever inter-server tournament will start. Each server will select 12 players to represent it in an attempt to win the ultimate title: the reward will be collective and given to the inhabitants from the best server. Best server means that their champions have had the best results during the tournament and their community has been the most successful during events.

The qualifying round will start immediately!

The qualifying round consists of two tests: a test of speed and a test of character.

Candidates for the tournament must undergo a test of speed. The challenge is simple: beat a dungeon keeper as quickly as possible.

A specific dungeon keeper is assigned to each class:
- Royal Tofu: Pandawa, Ecaflip, Sadida, Osamodas
- Royal Rainbow Blop: Eniripsa, Feca, Xelor, Sram
- Pandora Master: Sacrier, Cra, Enutrof, Iop

On the heroic server, the dungeon keeper to beat is the Royal Gobbal! (Same for all classes)

- When fighting the Royal Tofu, the Royal Rainbow Blop or the Pandora Master (or the Royal Gobbal in the case of the Heroic server), the candidate must be alone.
- Battles against the Royal Tofu, the Royal Rainbow Blop and the Pandora Master (or the Royal Gobbal in the case of the Heroic server), must be conducted in their respective dungeons. Fighting in arenas is not permitted.

The 3 best times for each class and each server will be selected to take part in the second test.

For the test of character, applicants must answer the following question in 100 words or less: "What makes you the best person to represent your class on your server?"

After the test of character, one player will be selected from the 3 remaining.
The community will get to vote on the submitted answers, but the final decision will be Ankama's.


Applicants must visit this page.

The results of the test of speed will be recorded as they occur and our team will establish the winners according to these logs.

The test of character must be added at the end of the form. Any incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified.

We will only accept one entry per player.

The online registration form will close the morning of July 22.