He finally chose to leave


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                                                              He finally chose to leave
   That day he said to me it was impossible to buy dofus kamas for me in future. He just told me to take care then left. I stood in amazement and said nothing. I would not like to ask him the reason. Now that he made the final choice, I should respect him. I only knew in the following days, I was alone again.
   Some one once said it only needed a few minutes to love a person, while to forget the person took so much time, and it might be the whole life. I was certain it was true. Because it just happened to me. As a matter of fact, I desired to own the true love forever. And it was a pity that it was impossible to own the beautiful matters. I did not know since when I opened my heart to the persons in the life. Maybe the first time I saw him, I made up my mind to be optimistic to the life. Because he was just that kind of person, and I did not expect he would be affected by my bad emotion.
   The first talk between us was about dofus kamas in the online game. I did not know why we chose the topic. It might be the more and more popular online games and we just took it for granted. Gradually we found we nearly had the same experience in the life. We both suffered from unluckiness duing the life. Maybe it became one of the reasons that we began to chat on the interent. I thought we were both sincere. Every time when we mentioned about the happiness in the life, we could not help laughing.
   It seemed that we had the endless topics on the internet. Sometimes we met in the online game. kamas there attracted both of us. Oh, I should say there was something more interesting. We played the role on the internet and even imagined us to be the character in the online game. That was an exciting process and both of us loved the feel on the interent.
   When I regarded him as the gift the god presented to me, and decided to begin a new life with him, the truth made a joke to me again. One day he finally said to me he only felt uneasy to stay with me. I did not know the reason. Did I make a mistake in the life again. I asked him why he had the stange feel.Did not he love me any more? He said he would like to do anything for me including getting countless cheap kamas for me,while he just felt uncomfortable. He said at this moment, I became the only core in his everyday life, and he seemed to lose himself soon.
   He could not bear the love and the pression I gave him. at that moment, I was astonished. I never thought I once gave anybody the pression. I could only accept the truth that he wanted to leave, after all there was no love between us.