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                                                                    Hit guide and cast a spell
   Hello players, welcome to gameim! Do you know kamas? Here are guide to hit and cast a spell in dofus that I got from other site, hope you like it. Here we go:
   Dofus gold is a good key to go to the dofus. Your fighter is number of action points determine his capacity to act. Executing an attack, casting a spell are actions that cost you action points. For instance, attacking with a weapon costs in general 5 APs. When your AP number reaches zero, your character can no longer act. Set to 6 Ap for all fighters, this number can either be increased or reduced with spells and equipments.
   Spells and certain equipments are influenced by elements that each element corresponds to a characteristic. Therefore, it enables you to increase the damage caused, the cares or the dodging capacity. It enables you to gain kamas easily, evade AP and MP losses. It also increases chances to make your enemies lose APs or MPs and increases the power of damage rebound spells.
   You must learn how to control to be efficient, heal, summon a creature, reduce the MPs of your opponent, because spells have various effects, increase the cheap kamas of one of your allies. There are many different combinations. Some spells also enable you to inflict damage or to increase them. Just like weapons, they have a range and an effect area.
   You will be able to buy or drop spells that on top of class spells. The major ones must be leveled up just like skills, and some others are just more outlandish like the summoning of arachne, for instance.