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                                                              How to Fight in the Dofus Game
   In the following paragraphs you will find all the basic knowledge you need to master the DOFUS fight style. Now first is about start a Fight. Before starting a fight, we should first know our enemy. The fight system relies on a turn based system which means that at each turn kamas, players play one after the other during a limited amount of time. Place your character at the beginning of the fight, move, hit, cast spells. It is up to you to build your own strategy. 
   Placing your character at the beginning of the fight in the right spot is a great advantage you must take into account of dofus kamas. Once you have played, or you have placed your character, do not forget to let the other players know that you are done, clicking on the arrow on the right of your portrait. When you launch a fight, you can decide to expel players who want to buy dofus kamas to join in. You can also ask other adventurers for help. 7 other players can join the fight before it is actually started. Just click on the icons that are displayed on the right side of the screen when a fight is launched. You can also forbid other players to watch the fight you started. This function is mainly useful when you are in PVP mode.
   Commands you must know to fight: list or players list of the names of the players involved in a fight. Kick Character name expels a player from a fight during the preparation, but only if you are the one who launched the fight and some cheap kamas. Spectators activate or deactivate the spectator mode of the fight, but only if you are the one who launched the fight.
   Second is about the Health Point. Your character Health Point decrease when he undergoes damage, for example when hit by an enemy attack. They increase when you heal your character which is through a spell, an item or thanks to an ally. If your character number of HPs reaches zero, he has dead. Keeping an eye on your HPs as well as that of your opponent is essential for you to win. The last one is about the Initiative. Initiative is used dofus gold to determine your position in a fight before it starts. If the Initiative of your fighter is the highest among all the other fighters, you will play first at the beginning of the fight.