I are teh mighty Crocoburio!


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Yes, it works (if you know how.)
I tried with the Sram I made for revealing Kitsous when I farmed for 800+ of their hairs.

You can summon a farting Crocodyl every 3 turns (on a crit hit you'll get a Croc Chief  )

You can't use any zapps, potions, ...
But beware: Enemies can attack you without warning - though you don't lose anything (hp, energy, ...) you won't be a Crocoburio afterwards. No matter if you win or lose the fight. And you can't use the regular black chat; only emotes and PM.

No, I won't tell you how I did it. And I also hope that people know about this secret won't spoil here, too. Would be too boring / too common when there are a bunch of Crocoburios running around in Amakna. If you're interested, try yourself. It's a RPG .