I change because of the online game


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                                                I change because of the online game
   Today, more and more people devote to the game industry. Maybe the game industry has a good future. Or in another word, it is just a sunrise industry. Because more and more people begin to touch the online game. Something called dofus kamas has entered their everyday life. We are not sure whether the online game will be continuously popular, at least, at present it is the truth .
   Sometimes we have to lament the society. How fast it develops. Several years ago, we did not know something about kamas, however, recently, all kinds of people begin to participate in it. Before I touch the online game, I do not think how interesting it is. However, once I know something about it, I am deeply attracted. In the paradise of online games, I learn much. I finally experience the happiness during the process of upgrading.
   In my mind, it is not only about getting more cheap kamas. It is the online game that teaches me how to cherish the true life and treats the friends around sincerely. I have to confirm the truth I was once impatient and easily got angry with a little matters. So in a sence, I should appreciate the online game.
   At beginning, when I palyed the online game, I was not broad-minded. I remembered clearly, one time,when I got prepared to organise my teams to finish task, one friend on the internet made a mistake. So angry I was. I shouted to him aloud ly and asked him whether he was intentional to destroy this action. He stood in amazement. Maybe he knew he was wrong and always kept silent, no saying any words. Afterwards, I was finally aware of my mistake. After all, everybody can make mistake. It was only an online game and it was not worth arguing about something like dofus gold. The friedship between us was the most important. I should learn to cherish it in my mind forever. Without his good temper, I thought we could not make good friends. At that moment, the fierce arguing must break out between us.
   At last, I gradually changed myself. I no longer argued about some little matters. I became broad-minded and would like to communicate with more friends. In the past, I never pay a little attention to them. In my opinion, it was not making friends with them. Sometimes I even looked down upon them. At that time, I only felt proud of myself. I was specially unwilling to buy dofus kamas for them. I thought I was a great person in the online game and no body could be as competent as me. How stupid and arrogant I was. As a matter of fact, I just stayed away from the success. I was not a good leader at all. Anybody could be my best friends in the world of online games.