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                                                                           I find the gold
   As we all know, in the later time of this year, there happened an economic events in the world, which influence the whole world. From that time, I found myself begin to pay more attention on the news. Once I only like to see some news about the small things happened around us, but from then on, I also like to watch the news about the whole world. I think that is because the economic events influences most people have not find jobs. I will go out to have my own work, so I care much about it.
   Yesterday, I suddenly saw a news said that there will be a new game, if you enter in and play for one more times, it will give you some dofus kamas that is to say you are a hero, because you have a courage to play a new game. I was curious about this at the same time I was in a moving heart, because I play the game hero for a long time, I hope to get the cheap kamas too. With a curious heart, I press the enter button and to have a look, to my surprise, I find the game is very easy, do not like the enter screen said it is very horrific. At last I got much kamas. I was very happy to see this, when I want to try again, it did not allow me to enter, and says if you want to try again, you should introduce another game player to here. I was so disappointed the next day; I rushed to school, to introduce the game to my friends who usually play the game hero. After I have told them this good news, they are all very happy and go to have a try. In a result, I get a lot of dofus gold without any effort.
   The next few days, I do not need to buy dofus kamas, on the other side, I win much more game gold than before. Then I change them to the real money.
   When the school is ending, I soon come up with an idea. I can earn some money by play games; the purpose for my work is to make money. Why not find an easy way to work?
   Long after, I will see the news every day as before; because I hope that one day I can let this become my work, I do not want to see some bad news about the game gold. And I hope the economic problem will not influence it.