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                                                       Intell xelor equipment guide
   dofus kama is used to play internet games so it is popular with many young people. There are some guides for you to read.
   At level 30 to 50, set is a pretty wisdom set to have which you can use to keep leveling with for awhile and the damage set bonus you get will help you from not hitting too poorly. It helps your reflecting abilities as well which you do with counter and blinding protection when you reach 60.
   With prespic you have the hat, belt, ring, and cape slots filled and they all need kamas. Vitality can be a problem so having a gobtubby or another life pet would be good to have. If you want to be a wisdom whore, go with a slimelle wedding ring.
   At level 50 to 80, Red Scara Set is a pretty solid intell or vit set and can be considered more of a battle set. It fills the hat, cape, ring, and belt option once again. Best boots that does not give up. Get feudala geta if you want to get in on the extra mp once you hit 67.
   At level 80 to 100, I used royal cherry blop set. This covers ammy, belt, ring, and boots. Hat: jellheadgear and then feudala hat once you are 98 unless you have plants for vassal set. Cloak: clock of elya wood or desire ball clock are good options and coassignee at 97. You can go more feudala set oriented or just more custom but I liked this particular mix.
   At level 100 to 120, vassal set is a pretty nice option right now. Of course, you can get them with little dofus gold. You have the hat, boots, ammy, and cape. Ring: feudala wedding ring and royal cherry blop ring still work out nicely. Belt: event belt is nice or you can just stick to royal cherry belt. Animal Boots are nice boots to get just in case you are going more custom since vassal set can be quite expensive.