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                                                            Lop strength build guide
   Lops are one of the top damage classes of dofus kamas, without need of huge buffing. Lops have various spells to add damage to their attacks, spells to damage opponents, field manipulation and others which will be introduced later on. To start with tell about the characteristics, as we are going to make a strength imp we will add every single characteristic points to the stat strength, as it is the main characteristic of this build.
   I know vitality is very tempting in kamas, especially at the lower levels, but it is not worth it as you will get a spell which boosts your health points and the bonuses you get after level 100 every time you level. The agility is useful, but we better get this by scrolling or from equipment. Wisdom helps you level up faster, every point of wisdom benefits you 1 of your base experience you gain from the monster you killed, sounds useful and it is, but we better not spend any points on this as we can get it from equipment and scrolls.
   You may be feeling intelligence in cheap kamas, not very useful for us strength lops but if you decide to go hybrid at higher levels you might want to scroll it up. Chance, boosts you prospecting, scroll it if you feel like it. I am so stupid I told you about scrolling without explaining what it is. Scrolling characteristics happens by exchanging resources gathered from monsters as drops to NPCs in exchange of characteristic scroll, for example you need x100 mush thorn to make one small scroll of strength which adds 1 strength if your strength is under 25.
   You are going to be getting crab pincers which like dofus gold, depending on which server you are on. You should get around 100 in 30 minis. People will buy the crab pincers because they are used for strength scrolls. Remember fast making money in Dofus is very important. So place a perch and start fighting crabs and go down to the suffocate gate and go to 8.22.
   buy dofus kamas can help you get a high level in short time. Scrolling might be a bit hard if you are just starting out, so worry about this after you have your level higher and got extra dofus kamas to spare. And last, hope it is useful to you when you build guide in the Lop of the dofus kamas game.