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                                                              My Character is Physician
   I am a girl and my good sisters all are playing all kinds of online games. I do not know why they all like playing such online games. Because that I have heard some disadvantages of the whole online games from the Internet or story. But one day, I was free and my sisters did not like accompanying with me to go shopping. So I sat on her side to see her playing the online games. The screen is very beautiful and the characters are full of authenticity. My sister was choosing a gift in a store. There are full of wonderful goods in the store. When I see it, I feel that I just was going shopping. After a while, she took a nice pet and trade with her dofus kamas. I feel that this game is very interesting to play, and I have a little impulsion to try playing at soon. So I asked my sister what named this game, she smiled to me Dofus and then turned to enter her game world.
   In order to try playing this game, I also download the client of Dofus game, and registered my own account at soon. When enter into this game, I feel that it is simply to enter another world which the world is more relaxed than in the real world. Then I have to choose my character that can delegate me to play with all people from all over the world in the virtual world. My little dream is becoming a doctor so I choose the physician character. The physicians in the game world mainly are some have excellent hearings and good at flying elves. They all do not love fighting and their duty is to heal the people pain. So I like the character of physician very much. My sister suggested me to buy dofus kamas first, and in this way we can explore more interesting things or funs. So after dealing with all the necessary things, I followed the way which my sister told me to use my a little real money to exchange some a little kamas to play firstly.
   After gaining a little dofus gold, I go shopping in the dofus game, there are full of all kinds of equipment and weapons. But there are some more expensive goods and I have no idea to choose which one was the best. After all I have not a good command of the online games. At last, I use my cheap kamas to buy a pet, which can accompany with me in my trip of dofus game.