My future life

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                                                                  My future life
   At this moment, I truly should consider for myself. I have been told what I should do by my parents all the time. To be frank, though I am not a child, however, most of things are arranged by my parents. These years, I only know how to study and how to have a good performance at school. In fact, I ignore many things in the life. At least, I do not know how to enjoy the wonderful life. There seemed to be no many enjoyments in the life. When others talk about dofus kamas, I only know it is about the online game, anything else I know nothing. No matter how, it is a little pity.
   I never think why I have to go to school and whether the knowledge I learn from textbooks is useful. I am always learning, from the primary school to the high senior school and even the university. Now the day of graduation is coming , from then on, I have to choose my own lifestyle. I can not rely on anybody else, including my parents. They bring me up and now I must face everything in the reality by myself. Sure, it is the high time that I should consider carefully. What is a kind of life I should choose. Maybe something like kamas appears in my future life, however, it is no important. I should believe my choice. It is the most important that I should not regret for my choice.
    Maybe in the future, I will take teaching as my first job. I like the academic atmosphere. Maybe the world outside is so complex that I would not like to touch it. At school, I can get along with these youth. I am glad to make friends with them. And I also desire to share the enjoyment from cheap kamas with them. It is wonderful, I am sure. What is more, I can learn more and have more chances to improve my inner quality. To chatting with these youth is exciting. Truly to stay with them, you will find you are still young, because you always have a young heart. It is the most memorable.
   I except in the future days, my life becomes more colorful. In the past years, I only confined myself to a narrow field. I know little about something popular things in the society, including dofus gold. In my memories, I never play the online game. I even do not know how to buy dofus kamas. Everything virtual seems to be so far away from I. Maybe at some suitable occasions, I should leave the campus and enter into the big, complex society. There my vision can be truly broadened.