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Hey there, I was trying to write a PM to a friend of mine, and then I came up with the idea of posting it to the public than sending it as a PM. Afterall, all this following, is too long for a PM. Also, I want to hear some voices from the public on this topic area. Just Interested.

I was dicussing about using signatures, and talking about nicknames and IGNs. Please leave a comment or something, about what you think. And if possible, answer the following questions:
1. Do you like your nickname and IGNs for Ankama Account?
2. What inspired you, or made you think of the names to use?
3. Do you ever have any problem with your friends, concerning your nickname or IGNs?
4. If the game allows to change nickname and IGN, would you change from your current?

Well, about signatures, they are nothing but personal choice, you either write it or you dont. There is no requirement or no code that you have to follow.
I use it because Im used to giving a signature at the end of posts, Im a bit used to it. Except for I tend to disregard using signatures when I reply in post topics that are totally irrelevant, useless, and complete a waste of time, and purposely posted for the desire to post, (Possibly to rank up from being a 'larva')

I always use Signatures in PMs. In post replies I only use them, where Im either giving an advice or helping out with other players on the forum, that are either new or need assistance. And this began when I thought that giving a signature in these areas sort of gives me a feeling Im a local volunteer, (e.g. like a mentor). Thought the more proper reason, is to have the people in the game call me by my signature than other nicknames, since i get them alot in the game, such as (Lub, Lei.)

I get offended when players, (usually Americans [Got nothing against the US. Great Country, Great Place. Everything's Great, except the Food]), mock me and make jokes about my IGN as Gine, as I've recently found out that the US Urban Dictionary, defines Gine aka. Gine-Gine, as part of female genital and its contents.
Which greatly offends me, as my IGN was meant to be written as: Giné, and not Gine. (But the game won't allow any other characters other than from the English Alphabet) My name came from, Buil&Giné, which is a Wine Co. in north of Spain. Me and my friends travelled there 4 years ago, and the memories of the last time I drank a sip of Wine (Alcohol) until I became a Non-drinker, due to health problems.

Since I am Chinese, my real name is hard to pronounce by Westerners, so I remember Buil&Giné Co. and thought that the name Giné sounds like a good name to adopt, since it sounds just like the first part of my name.

Once again, whatever nickname and IGN, players use, its all on a personal preference, usually its of something that people can remember well, or related to something, someone, or even inspirationally created, just like mine.