PVP and characters.


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So, how's the end-game for this? I understand how tactical this is, but it seems a bit slow (from a low level standpoint, and dungeons it usually takes about 3~4 minutes just for my team to get through a turn). Is there a plethora of dungeons and "raids" for those ex-WoW players to be done. How's the PvP in this game near the end? How long does a typical match last? Is this fun?

Now the classes are very odd, so I'm having a hard time picking... I was thinking either Cra or Sram (archer+rogue, I believe). But how is the Pandawa? If I start F2P, would it be beneficial to start over once I subscribe to make a Pandawa? What character would you recommend to me if my play-style is generally physical (No mages) with high mobility. This mobility can be taken out if my support and offense work well with each other.

Don't be afraid to ask anymore questions if my description wasn't detailed enough.