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Ok so recently ive been mining over in Porco's Territory at 1, 32. Well while there i always noticed this red entrance thing on the ground. well not until recently has it let me in. While inside there are 5 (looks like) buttons on the ground, similar to the ones used to get emotes. Spread across 3 rooms are 5 buttons, 2-2-1. At the end of the 3rd room there is a wagon that looks like it moves. Today me and 4 others went into the room and stood on the "buttons" with hope that the wagon would move letting us into the room on the other side. No luck... But we didnt try every combination like we should have.

If anyone else has tried and made it in, or information on it, I would like to know. I've checked the wikia, and looked online for everything about Porco's Territory, but nothing has come up about this. Any info at all would be greatful. Please and Thank you!