PvP Unbalanced?


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Just ranting about the PvP. I have noticed a few things that make the PvP Quests unfair. With the quest system I assumed every player should have a shot at winning, through strategy or even a bit of luck. I was aggressed by a player 20 levels higher than me and lost. I welcome a loss, every now and then. As a cha sac I don't lose often but it's part of the game. The person who aggressed me was an Int Sac. With or without strategy, short of a string of crit failures, it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat him. He had 500 hp more than me which is obvious but there is simply no way to beat him. The level range should be changed. A fair number would be -5/+10 levels. The only class that is actually overpowered and nothing to do with levels are the Iops with SS which will hopefully be nerfed down a bit during an update.