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                                                               Some dofus Secrets
   Hello everyone, this is your old friend gameim. There have cheap kamas, if you want to buy dofus kamas, Welcome! I collect some dofus secret tip from web site, and I want to share with more dofus players. So post them below. Want to know? Read the following information.
   1.  If you have a set or something that gives + vitality (not life.) Then you can un-equip it use bread and then re-equip to get the extra 200 vitality that it gives without using 4 breads. I used much less bread than I would have otherwise. It sounds really obvious but many of my guilds had never thought of it before.
   2. There is also the menu condition. Before level 58 you can't really use the vegetative set to your advantage for PP, but there are some cheap ways to get around that.
   3. At the bank (-23 40) you can disappear under the building if you walk just behind the light post to the left of the entrance. I noticed this when I was just messing around running away from my friend. Your character goes under the building, quite interesting.
   4. There are also two funny things with a menu or really any character, but male menus look the best. When using /sit on top of someone over and over it looks really quite wrong. But it does get some good laughs from a lot of people. While waiting on the dragon pig to spawn at the cave a menu kept saying die! To piss everyone off, so people were *kicking him in the shin* but I thought it would be awesome to get a running start and then do /sit to "drop kick" him. This only works with menus and you must time it right or else you will just stop running like normal. If you do it right you will sit right next to him and drop kick him, it looks great. That’s all I have for now, but there are other great things to figure out too.      
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