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                                                    Some useful guides and tips in dofus
    As a dofus player who want to earn dofus kamas, here are some nice tips should be remembered, reading it now without hesitation. Leeching is always good, if you are in a guild with some high levels ask if you can tag along one of their adventures. They will usually let you come along, but you have to stay in the guild and gain their trust first.
    Fight with a purpose, if there is a monster that you can fight that gives good xp and provides some type of resource that you need fight it. Do not waste your time and kamas on lesser monsters that do not do much for you. Invest in a nice wisdom set; it will give you an example of a really great one that you can use. It is very expensive, just something to work your way to.
    One of the first things you will learn about cheap kamas is that it has a very extensive source of emotes. With many different types of Dofus emotes or emotions to choose from, you will want to know all available commands. Emotes are a fun way to show your friends and other people what type of mood you are in. Each Dofus guide has info that can help you to find not just normal game functions but things outside of the game itself. Veterans and new players can both find a walk through very useful due to the vastness of their information.
    Dofus offers you the chance to explore a very large world in this flash-based 2D game. If you do not know where you are going or even where you have been, get yourself a map and do not worry about where you have been or where you are going. When you buy dofus kamas for maps are a great way to learn the traveling system without having to remember everything. Having your own maps also allows you to put points of interest on them that other maps might not already include.
    The information about skills calculator, another very useful tool for Dofus is a skills calculator. These calculators can be used to determine where you will put your points before you actually do it in the game. You can find out how to earn dofus gold and use one of these to its full potential from using it and exploring.