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                                               Swings and Roundabouts in Dofus Game
   Talking about the dofus game, I have more words to say some things about this dofus game. I have played this game for several years old and have more feelings of this game. Because it gives me for funs and encourages in my free life. Although in this game, I have cost dofus kamas, only I can find more interesting things and make me more full things in my life, I would think that every thing is worthy.
   In dofus game, I have made more friends who are from all over the world. We always play together with each other. And chat for long times. Only we are all getting together, we would talk or study about the ways of making more kamas in this game. Because we all are short of game gold to play. And suddenly, I find that in the virtual world, it is full of more friendship than in the real world. So I take more time in this game to get together with my good friends.
   But, maybe I am very kind and I am very cheated by people. I could not think that my friend could cheat me. No wonder that now every people can not believe people in the virtual world. Because that you can not see his appearance and you can not guess he was female or male. Even more the cheaters can say more words to you and you can not approve his words. So we can be cheated by his words. In this way, I was cheated by a friend. One day of this game, he came to my side and chatted with me. He said that at the recent he was very pour and asked me for some cheap kamas to continue to play with us, and would give back quickly. Because he was my good friend, so I believe his word and give him some dofus gold. But some days later, he did not give back my gold, when I ask him about this thing but he said that he could not remember that he could borrow me some game gold. I was very surprised that he could become another people.
   So since from happened this thing, I was not very happy all the day. Until I encountered a girl who was going to buy dofus kamas, she saw me was unhappy and cloud on my brow. She stopped her footstep and sat my side to chat with me for long time.