That day I visited my sister

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That day I visited my sister

That day I met my sister on the internet. She asked me to the place where she lived in the afternoon. She said we did not meet each other for a long time. If I was free this afternoon, she would like to pick me up in the railway station. I thought we did not live far from each other. It only took me half an hour by train and I happened to be free then I decided to visit her. When I was about to be off line, she suddenly mentioned something like dofus kamas which I knew nothing about . What was that, I was puzzled.

Then I went to the railway station soon and bought the ticket in the first time. There were only a few people on the train. You knew, I hated the crowds very much. Especially when the spring festival was coming, nunmerous people were on the train. So painful at that time. while at this time, I felt excited. I listened to the music and enjoyed myself in the heaven of music. Then soon I got to the destination.

While I walked out the railway station,I did not find my sister. What was the matter with her. She did not keep her promise. I had no idea but only called her by the mobile telephone. Much to my surprise, her cell phone was turned off. I got so angry with her. What was she doing at this time. I suddenly thought of kamas which she told me at that moment.

I stood outside waiting for her. I did my best to contact with her. Finally a successful phone call was successfully established. Sister apologized to me and I heard something called cheap kamas again. What actually was it? I did not understand. Maybe only when I saw the sister, I could find the answer.

I finally met her. Even if I only waited for her for fifteen minutes, so long I felt. Then from the words of my sister, I knew the truth. She was playing a kind of online game at that time. It was a pity that at that time she was lack of dofus gold then she could not continue the life in the game. She could only cost some money to buy dofus kamas. Then the time was delayed. How crazy my sister was. Was the game so attractive just like she described. She said only if I touched the game,then I would know whether it was true.I expected the coming of the wonderful moment.