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                                                             The Banlance between Classes
   Kamas is important in the game. If one class is the problem in Dofus, then the solution is not to attempt to change and rebalance eleven other classes(Dofus Powerleveling) and thousands of monsters to try to match them all up to the one class, but to change the one class that is the problem. The most we hate it when it fundamentally change the way a class is played and puts it at a disadvantage to other classes.
   Since the developers have stated they are rebalancing other classes in the future, and have obviously done so in the past, this statement unfortunately does not hold. They do seek to balance all 12 classes, they just are staggering it, creating imbalances in the system as they go. It seems as if they are making the changes, then waiting to see what other classes need to be changed to balance with the changes they have already made.
   So essentially what's happening is the neighbors kid is being allowed to use the hammer, and he hits the nail too hard, so now there is another nail to hit. And so on and so on.
   Most of these issues could be resolved simply by having a longer testing period, be it public or closed. Announcing changes and then implementing them a couple weeks later gives no one a chance to adjust, or even fully test these changes. This is evidenced by the fact that 1.27 completely changed Sacriers, and due to such a short testing window they needed to be redone again a couple months later with 1.28.
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