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                                                             The Dungeon Shuaqian Guide
   Shu copy the old brush, the matter of luck, but on the whole stable, the average Nissan still has about 500-700 million for grades 110 or so, not limited to professional. Long copy of the pigs on the low side, Nissan instability, it should be 400 million for grade 100, good luck, then burst out of the eggs hit, but priceless dofus kamas, the maze very skillful. A copy of the crow, nothing special package of materials, but the experience is very high, the maze has the skills and confidential. Level for 120+ must have a Master.
M   ouse, rat and a copy of a copy of the output of pig lung and almost, though time consuming, but if there are teams assassin and bow and arrow in hand, then it is certainly the brush, an assassin assigned to the black rat pack, equipped with bow and arrow of kamas in hand to Shu Wang installed, the need to take this package and mice, rats do loading of raw materials, the ultimate effort of Minzhi effect 100+ rating for mouse, and mouse for 120+ rating. A copy of the Tauren, I dare say that the home can not brush a few cheap kamas, Oh, maze long pig large degree of difficulty than a few times: P, Tauren suite is Berserker and more valuable.
   Location: A copy at (-5, 10). On the road a number of initiatives to attack the Orc, found hidden in a house on the left side of the house and outside Bowork words are allowed to enter. To obtain a copy of the Key ways: Bwork Dungeon Key. One method was through Daguai get from Bwork, Bework Archer, Bework Magus was found. Second method was the need for craftsmen, Handyman production.
   A copy of the werewolf, a very low degree of difficult, that is, the amount of time and some dofus gold spent, and instability in output, a lucky day, tens of millions, a run of bad luck will be very difficult to speak of 110 + grade for. Royal copy of the click, boss is food, but it is run. Zhou Shu is best to have a division to fight over, Yield not say that because materials are made of high level equipment. On the island boss on the monkey, belongs to the game in one of the most cattle, boss, 140 the following, do not want to basically knock over all Round 5. So, on the monkey is a rare hair, blue hats are selling to more than 5,000,000. If you need more ways to buy dofus kamas, you can click here: