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                                                                         The Heroic server
   Have you played the kamas in the dofus? The 5 million players mmorpg dofus soon be releasing the Heroic server, a new hardcore game mode.
This December, a brand new dofus game mode will introduce another dimension to battle-weary veterans and wide-eyed beginners alike.
   This game mode offers quicker character evolution, allowing you to gain more experience from fights and quests. But you will also need to be more vigilant and tactical in your game play because if you die, you won't come back. The new mode will also call for more dedicated and concerted guild activity in order to help players survive for as long as possible.
   In this highly intensive mode, the game has been adapted according to new rules which are exclusive to this server. Among other exciting modifications, this mode allows players to increase their level far more rapidly and to make better and bigger drops! Experience in professions will also be gained more quickly. This server has one cruel rule above all, however: death will be permanent. You cannot come back to life. If your character's level is in the top 100, however, the corpse will rest in the cemetery of Heroes.
   Another diabolic hallmark of the server: whether players lose against monsters or other players, their victorious enemies will keep all their items. Some enemies, though difficult to beat, will be tempting to fight for just this reason.
   In future, part of the official site will be dedicated to this server with regular updates giving information on the new world, including its background. This part of the site will also host the Cemetery of Heroes. Warriors of all nationalities will take each other on to rise to the top of the world league table.