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                                                  The Preparation for playing the DOFUS Game
   First, let we together discover a fantastic universe full of humor in this DOFUS game. You, as a player, you embody a young hero who is searching for dragon eggs: the famous DOFUS. That is when a casual little story joins the myth. What makes dofus kamas that different from the rest of Fantastic Medieval productions is the tone resolutely humorous both in dialogs and descriptions. For example, the local mammals are called Gob balls and the Mush war chief is called Fungi Master, etc. You will have fun tracking the play on words hidden in weird names. Before you will actually own a genuine real dofus gold, you will have to walk many Kama meters through moors and forests full of sinister looking creatures, talk to shady persons and you will even have to fight sometimes.
   Second is about living adventures with your friends. Before you will actually have a genuine real friend, you will have to walk many Kama meters through moors and underpasses full of wild creatures, talk to people who should be a bit friendlier and you will even have to fight for better or for worse till life finishes you off. To make kamas clear straight away, it is essential for your to dialog with other players and become friends with them as creatures are easier to defeat when you are in a group and you will also gain experience faster. Finally, the enlightened pieces of advice of some expert players can really be useful to negotiate at best price items you wish to buy dofus kamas.
   The last one is that choose and create your character. DOFUS characters are sorted out in categories called classes. A class can be distinguished by its specific skills, which are modeled on that of the gods of the World. Some of them are very obvious and some others are a bit more subtle. For instance, Iops are very powerful warriors whereas Eniripsas are healers; Osamodas as well as Sadidas are shamans. You will get cheap kamas to understand all the subtleties of each class only when you will try them out and chat with other players. Each class has a specific field of action but they are all complementary. Pick the one you believe will match best your game play. No one can say for sure that a class is better than another one. To help you decide, here is a description of all the different classes.