The childhood playmates

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                                                        The childhood playmates
   One day on summer holiday, I went home by train. It was a short travel, one hour later I would get home. When the train stopped at a little country station, the other train from the opposite direction also stayed at the small station. At that exact moment, I seemed to see a familiar face. Oh, yes, it was right. It was just my childhood playmates. It must be seven years that we did not see each other. When I stuck my head out the windown, I suddenly found she took the same action. Then we smiled to each other and greeted simply. Not for a little while, the train started again. Then we finally could not see each other any longer.
   I continued my travel, however, I could not help myself reminding of the matters in the childhood. Sure, at that time, we were the best frineds. However, when we met again in the street, we were so strange. My friend, did you still remember dofus kamas about the online game. I was sure you must remember. It was so nice. Too many memories in the past suddenly appeared in my mind.
   We lived quite close, so nearly every day we went to shool together and went back hand in hand. Very often we did our homework then enjoyed the wonderful online game. We were so excited when we felt the magic of something called kamas. I hoped so much the time could be back, then those happiness would accompany us again.
   We were often inseparable. Since the childhood to the junior high school, we always stayed together. There was also arguing between us. Sometimes it was about the online game. At that time, I was a recalcitrant person.When she got more cheap kamas, I was a wee bit jealous. Then I ignored her and continued to play my game.Then the online game was not that interesting, because both of us were unwilling to say something. Not for a little while, I could not keep silent any more then began to talk with her. She was broad-minded, just as nothing happened, we talked and laughed.
   The memories of happy days stopped in the last year of junior high school. She did not do well at school. Then her family finally persuaded her to give up the study. From that time on, we gradually became strange. It was not due to dofus gold, but we truly did not know what we should talk when met again. Maybe it was unavoidable to some degree. However, I cherished those times so much. She was still my friend. I would never forget those happy days.