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                                                        The guide of the Dofus Kamas
    You need lots of kamas to enhance your game character. Follow the guide below, you will have a better experience in dofus kamas. When playing the game, you can easily win battles without the enemy EVER attacking you. Once you have lv5 armor of earth and an 11 reflect set, go to pandala fight any of the following enemies.
    Because of Bambooto attack with both earth and wind damage, with also heals kamas. If both are up, they will not attack and not heal, you will want to use wind armor also. Since you have reflection damage and they can not hurt you anyway, which are very common on pandala, have low damage attack. Your face will level very quickly since they are all weakest to fire damage, which you will be doing. There are some cheap kamas in the Dofus and that is very useful.
    We know that fecas are very intelligent class in Dofus. Far more intelligent than Sadie, enutrofs. So the equipments for leveling are different from other classes. Now I want to recommended equipments for leveling to you. The linings are drudge, tons of HP and decent Wisdom, a classic item in my opinion, lineage, difficult to make, but gives intelligent and wisdom. The best part is that bulbiflor can drop bulbiflor magic bark, which sells for 50000 dofus gold and requires just 100 prospecting to get leveling my feca there got one between lv24 and lv46. There fights go very quick because enemies will surround you and just keep passing turns. You can even get up and go get a snack and you will be fine. This trick works with other enemies, for Wabbits you want lv54 and at least lv3 wind armor, as black wabbits is wind damage.
    Small nimbly rings are a good leveling recipe for your jeweler in earlier levels. They sell well kamas anytime too, so you can buy dofus kamas at anytime. Most of the other recipes require either ore or wood, which means you need to have a high level miner and lumberjack available to feed those mats to you. Plus, since bulbush are usually about lv40 they are good experience for you all the way through lv80.
   This guide is not made by me. I find it from other site. I do not know the original author of it. If you know, please tell me, I will give credit to him.