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                                                               The trade of dofus
  If you have just started playing dofus kamas or are planning on making an account, then this is the portion you should read. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself, but that does not mean it will work 100%. This is a guide for players.
  If you are a high lvl in your profession or even a magus, do not tell anyone, other then your closest friends, other players will get jealous and will want your crafts. Be careful when you go mage stuff, always take some high lvl friends with you, and so they can protect you get aggressed. If you want to keep important things, you should buy dofus kamas, it can let your equipment do not dropped.
  At one time or another, I often meet scammers. Sometimes people are completely honest when offering one of the below deals. However, there is no way to filter the scammers from those players that are legit. If you ever did one of the below trades without a problem, I am happy for you. However I take a zero sum approach to the below deals and encourage everyone else to do the same. The below scams are rated at an estimate of what it is possible to do not use any kamas to lose to them. It is very useful, on account of it is complicated, and I do not show it in detail.
  Sometimes you will start to make a deal with someone, agree to give them money for an item, and suddenly, they all start filling up the trade box with a bunch of lower level items, making the box scroll. Sometimes, players will also use items that look like other items to switch out at the last second. Usually, it happens with cheap kamas, some of them have icons that look similar to each other. Always check the item by clicking on it before you click again.
   To 10% scam, some scammers have been doing this with pets as well. They will offer to use dofus gold to buy your pet. Then, when you put it into the trade window, they will attempt to trade you an Eni Powder, hoping that you will forget your pet. It is the conclusion. And I believe it is useful to you.
   Hopefully the article can help you, read up, you will learn something from it. I hope you can have a nice day in dofus.