To all players who hate French.

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Lately there was much confusion regrading French players on International Servers.

Nabolo and other Ankama Staff made decision that Official Language of International Servers is English.

Many (No)English speaking French Players on Rushu started calling ([MOD]Wish and another MOD I can't think of a name right now.) racist.

That was fuel on the fire regrading French - International Rushu Community earlier fights and speeches.

So French Players (No English speaking ones) started screwing Rushu's Community calling us racist, and started spamming /r and /b on French, other players took that offensive(because it was) and they struck back with other offensive comments to French Players. Right now, Communities on Rushu are in "war" and they hate each other right now.

Everyone on Rushu thinks French Players are annoying and stupid, but we have very strange phenomena, only ones on Rushu are annoying and stupid.

Like Rollbacksuckz said, Rushu's French Community makes 1-5% of Total French Dofus Community, and it happens that those "1-5%" are jerks and annoying.

I saw that by myself, I've read couple of post made by French represents of La Evolution > Zone 48, and they seem to be very nice guys, completely different from those Frenches on Rushu.

They have heard about us screwing Ankama and being disepointed about us not having that feature, and they acted humanly regrading it, they offered us to tell them our ideas so they can tell it on french forum, which sounds fair from their side.

So right now sadly, International Community hates French players only because those Frenches playing on Rushu and other international servers are jerks, now when those "real" Frenches are offering us help, community think they are some kind of jerks, but they are not they are just like us, cool and everything.

So point is. Frenches are nice guys, they want to help us, but we are fooled and we think all of French players are same like Those French-Jerks from Rushu, and that's pity... Those Rushu-French-Jerks kinda ruined reputation of French Community, so we all think all Frenches are stupid and annoying like them, but they are not. Those other Frenches are nice guys.