Who can tell me the truth


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Who can tell me the truth

Today I know one truth that in the office the colleague are so bad, that if one has finished the tasks, that he or she does not tell to the others, and that she or he will do the work furtive by herself or himself. And that in the office everyone often practised that a long time, privately, and that just hungry for a chance to show off in the front of the managers, I hate this kind of people. So that some of the spare time I play games alone, and that in the game world that I have made lots of the good friends and that I love them very much, and that in the game world I think there exists the true love.

The first time I heard the dofus kamas was by my net friend, that time I only log on some time, that at first I did not like playing game, but that there was one thing changed my idea. That he told me in the game world, no one can meet each other and know each other, that you can do anything you want to do, and that the most important is that in the game world, no one will cheat you. And that all of the game world players only cared about oneself's cheap kamas. And that everyone in the game world, they do their best to kill the enemies and the monsters, and their aims are to be the most powerful player.

But in my eye the internet world can not only do that, there are also many interesting things for us to do, " chatting with friends over the internet in the dead of night is probably my only pastime. " and that " I am playing a new online role-playing game with some other cyber-pals."  That is my happy, and I think that the true friendship is much more cherish than the dofus gold. And I do what I think that I should do. I do not care other people say, in the world I must be myself, and that no one could control me or what I choose to believe.

But that long before there are two players and now you are the couple in the real life, at first I do not think so, I even can not accept the thing. If I also buy dofus kamas and play games all the day, there is one girl tells me that she loves and wants to be my girlfriend. I do not think so, also the game world is very interesting, and that we can have lots of game friends, but that I think that it is only the cyberworld, also we talk everything through in the internet, but in the real life we do not change any more, except the game world, the kamas.