Making 40mk in Dofus

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I don’t know why I am so damn poor in Dofus. I rarely buy anything, but then again I rarely sell anything either. So, on my end; I am seriously broke.

Another player during a conversation of ours asked if I would be interested in doing a grind to level his tailor and shoemaker, and about what it would cost him for me to do it. So, after some number crunching, we settled in a 40 million kama deal to finish off his tailor.

The grind is being split between Kitsous and Kwakwas, and having recently completed the Kitsou portion, I thought I would make a post about it for people who might be needing to make some spare kamas, as well as see if I can get some other people as potential clients.

Kitsous are funny looking weasel like creatures, which don’t really do a lot of damage for the levels of my characters, but it’s a mindless activity at this point too. When my wife and I were leveling her tailor, we spent all too much time there, to a point where we didn’t even go to the island where they are found for close to a year.

The gear that is made from them isn’t all that great, just very heavy on the vitality stat. Because of the maging endemic that runs rampant on Dofus, these are prime gears for the creation of vitality runes. All it takes is some persistence to get the job done. It only took me about a week and a half to get the require materials from them. In that week and a half stretch I realized that it’s rather fun revisiting old places.

The Kwakwa running is going fairly well, and I expect to have the required materials from there in about the same time. So my quote of a month for everything needed for finishing the tailor profession should hold. Even if I am no longer playing for 12-14 hours a day.