Phoenix, az revival in the fire, your dragon right after molting expansion!

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Phoenix, az resurgence from the flames, the actual dragon after molting expansion! The release with the "curse II" metempsychosis system will certainly stop the 2 d turn-based inside the standard a feeling of the idea of metempsychosis; demonstrate the modern Three dimorph metempsychosis brand-new chapter.

By comparison, your curse 2 metempsychosis method is a type of to arrive at the top of the participants can easily still challenge their particular space method. This system would be to regain the player to some specific degree, along with increase their individual features, start again. Gaming system to accomplish your alteration technique of players for the particular benefit and do some adjustment for that technique the actual player's development, and rehearse the newest condition as well as color identify to differentiate between additional exceptional people, the device activate the members to be able to problem yourself continuously.

One, the part with the degree cap regarding 62 degree prior to the metempsychosis, not necessarily the part involving metempsychosis can metempsychosis, initially with reincarnate level right after amount cover is actually 70, the particular technology in accordance with the issue and the results are split up into "metempsychosis" and also "metempsychosis" completely a couple of sorts, are specific available as a job.

Only two, strengthen the actual metempsychosis will be position inside day-to-day game titles by accumulating setting the quantity and sort of items, might be within stage 60 "sky lord cathedral officer" discussion using NPC application metempsychosis, as soon as the achievement from the metempsychosis, reuse things you need, dofus kama the part of characteristics is changeless, level level limit the actual climb to 80.

Three or more, complete metempsychosis is position in full from degree Sixty could conversation with NPC "sky lord religious organization officer" to try to get the complete course of action in instant metempsychosis, figure degree for you to Amount cap rose to be able to degree 70.