Ankama's New Donation Charity Link

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I was posting over the forum today, and was answering this dude's post. and this idea came around meh head. Say!? I got a great idea for the Ankama Co. of course if they don't mind being beggars or anywhere close to being one. Putting up a section on the actual Main website, where you know, a Donation Charity Link . Perhaps to those peeps that actually care, feel devoted, and love/support whatever the Co. does, I dont mean International Community only, ofc. I know im posting this now on the International Forum. Those that also feel devoted or supportive in some way (im sure there are ppl like me with that idea of support out there) can offer a lil contribution/free donations like a charity earning for the Ankama Co.(I know probably majority people on international community will say, "I don't give a damn S*** about ..." or act selfish). I'm sure the Ankama Co., Dev Team, and Frenchies would love it.
To those peeps that love to help peeps (those that actually feel good in helping peeps, donation n' contribution and stuff, charity and stuff, though I know from my life, most of the peeps in the world don't really care about other peeps. Ask yourself the question, how many rich azz peeps like Bill Gates out there, actually care about other peeps?)

Hope that idea of "Ankama Donation Charity Link", come to existence. I'm sure I'll definitely drop in a few penny/cent or two.  You know what I mean....Frenchies.