Bonta vs. Brakmar

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I've come from many different servers; from Rosal, to Rushu, and now I've found a home in Solar.

Throughout my travels, I've seen quite a variety of Bonta vs. Brakmar scenarios. From Rushu, Brakmar seemed to be the leading alignment against Bonta. However in Solar, Bonta seems to be dominating literally everything; the economy, the regions, even the noobs seem to be wowed by big angel wings.

I was always a Brakmarian. In my opinion, the entire Brakmar structure seems to have had more attention payed to it's characters and infrastructure than Bonta. Brakmar boasts an army of horned-helmet, ebony-clad warriors, while Bonta seems to have an army full of soft-plated, scantly clad samurais.

Well, I just wanted to start this thread with the first victory, and the first loss:

Brakmar: 1
Bonta: 0

Lets hear what you have to say about it!