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                                                        Do you know what DOFUS is
   Do you know what DOFUS is? Do you know of some DOFUS guides? Here is all of that. Our website has lots of guides and information of dofus kamas and DOFUS power leveling. If you are interested in that, go to the related page.
   What DOFUS is?
   DOFUS is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). In the province of AMAKNA, dragon eggs called DOFUS have just disappeared and with them the quiet daily life that the population used to live. While strange phenomena keep on arising in the forests of the eternal province, hundreds of adventurers go off in search of these eggs with magic powers.
   2D Graphics of a Rare Beauty
   At the opposite of the latest 3D creations, DOFUS opted for a very colorful 2D design. This particular choice makes DOFUS an original videogame with pleasant and unmistakable atmosphere and settings. The poetic and evocative aspect of these graphics emphasizes the warm atmosphere of the game and the attachment of the community to a general good mood, courtesy and to the Role-Playing Universe.
   A New Online Game Dimension
   Exclusively created for Internet, DOFUS uses the Flash Format MX for it to work properly. The use of such a format for such a considerable videogame allows anyone to play anywhere, at anytime. Players no longer need to worry about installing, saving or cancelling data. Everything is automatic or very easy to use. The ultimate goal being to offer the players a good quality videogame without all the drawbacks linked to the medium or to the need to own a top-notch computer.
   Pets in DOFUS
   Pets are little creatures which accompany DOFUS players in their adventures and give them bonuses. You can equip them as easily as any other piece of equipment you have in your inventory, but remember to place them in the appropriate slot. However, unlike regular equipment, pets are alive and they need to be fed to gain power and to avoid starving to death! Each pet must be fed at precise times and they gain one characteristic point every three meals.
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