After the unexepcted maintenance...

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I am a fairly new to Dofus, but today during and after the unexpected maintenance i experienced some frustration and wanted to whine some about it.

The server obviously crashed today:
1. First all sites and servers were down, and no info about the issue was posted.
2. In a while (after 2 hours waiting) i finally saw that they had updated some information on the official maintenance page but only in fricking French, while the other languages contained only the normal short info .. "....we apologize for the inconvenience..."
3. I had played about 4 hours just before the crash .... and guess what  all my actions during that time were completely IN VAIN and LOST.

Now the whining:
1. I, myself am a QA tester, so i would pass this one lightly
2. I know few european languages... but heck French is not one of them and I don't know why people bothered to write the info about the issue in French and not write a single word in the other languages ... I though English was much more popular, but I guess I NEED to learn some French to overcome this ****.
3. I can figure out that if the state i found my account after i logged in after the crash is from the last done back up. I wish I could whine about some item that dropped me, but the truth is i am only whining for the 4 HOURS OF MY TIME LOST.

And last, but not least:
I think that both the maintenance and update times of the servers should be done during the night. Not during the day, not during the morning, but in the early hours of day (i.e. between 1,2 o'clock till mostly 5 o'clock). In this way, the people working on that part of the game will not create frustration for the casual players, who had paid to have access to the in-game...