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                                                          Dofus Prospecting guide
   dofus kamas is liked by most game players. Enutrofs make excellent companions to tag along with your main character. With the highest soft-caps on chance and a base prospecting of 120, it is easy to see why these dwarf like creatures are useful in any PvE setting. The obvious choice for us then is an Enutrof.
   Chance has three effects on a character. It increase water based damage, increases initiative and adds prospecting at a ratio of 1/10. So ever 10 chance of a character gains 1 additional prospecting point. In order for our Enutrof to have the most possible prospecting it is necessary to scroll their chance to 101 before using any available characteristic points. I will not get into detail about scrolling in this guide, however a list of required items for scrolling can be found here.
   Now with 101 scrolled chance you may level your Enutrof to 60 with some cheap kamas. Along the way be sure to put every characteristic points into chance and level two key spells, Living Shovel and Fortune (Living Shovel is a summon that buffs the player with chance and Fortune is a self applied  chance buff).
   You should now be level 60 with a total of 212 base chance and 153 base prospecting had you scrolled. As well, you should now have Living Shovel and Fortune both at spell level 5. now we are equipped and fully buffed, enter combat and cast Living Shovel and Fortune. At level 5, Living Shovel provides +8 Chance per turn. This effect is stackable and lasts up to 12 turns, for a total of +96 Chance. Add this with a critical hit on level 5 Fortune for a total of 207 additional chance to get dofus gold.